Seattle Times:        "A drizzle of maple syrup, a smear of Tipsy sauce (horseradish aioli), lettuce, tomato, and caramelized onion add to the audacity; and yet, the richly flavored patty - seven ounces of grass-fed...beef - never gets lost." — Providence Cicero

425 Magazine: "The interior is bright, modern and fun.. (clever signs explain how the restaurant's "Milkshakes Bring all the Cows to the Yard"). The burgers are well made, incredibly flavored and clean tasting." — Ethan Chung

GET A "MOOVE" on down here!

Welcome! At Tipsy Cow we believe in supporting local ranchers, farmers, brewers, distillers and winemakers. From our 7oz custom ground, always grass fed beef patties, to our hand All Natural Challenger Gold Potato Fries included with every delicious burger, to our fresh baked Macrina Artisan Bakery buns, we think you'll notice the difference. Enjoy!

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